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The Gallery

Grooming Services


Full grooms include: Bath, Nails, full cut, anal glands, ear cleanse, teeth brushed, fragrance and bandana and or bow. 

**Please call or text for pricing. Pricing is based off of breed and condition of hair**

Mini grooms include: Bath, Nails, sanitary cut, face trim, anal glands, ear cleanse, teeth brushed, fragrance and bandana and or bow.

Attention: If you need your fur baby at a certain time please let me know at the time your appointment is made. If an arrangement was not made at scheduling and a certain time is needed- you will be asked to reschedule. For the safety of me and your pet I will not work against a clock. My job is to keep them safe and for this to be a wonderful experience for you and your pet. Remember, I am working on a moving canvas. I try my best to accommodate your needs. During grooming times I am unable to answer text or calls as I am focusing on the fur baby that is on my table. I send their picture when they are completed and ready for pick up.

Please Note:
No cash is kept on site. If cash is paid exact amount only. No checks. If you have a early drop off time and are early for your appointment please wait until your scheduled time. We will be out to the shop at that time. Please let us know if your fur baby has had surgery recently or has any allergies (1).png
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CBD Shampoo $25 (contains 500 mg of CBD)

CBD Pet Oil

CBD  Pet Oil $35 

Testimonials &Awards

Testimonals & Awards

"Stephanie has been grooming one of my furbabies for a while now and very grateful to have found her. She is a dog lover! I was in need of her to board both my furbabies last minute for 2 weeks during the day and the entire weekend. The first day she informed me my beagle Molly has severe anxiety. She would send me pictures and videos. I was so worried she would no longer keep her and I felt terrible for my furbaby. Instead, she gave me a few remedy ideas to help, thunder shirt, a kong with peanut butter, and maybe bring her favorite toy and blanket. I did exactly as Stephanie suggested, along with calming vitamins. She never gave molly any of the vitamins and stated she would prefer to use natural remedies instead of medicating her. The next day as I dropped off my two furbabies, she kept assuring me Molly would be alright and not to worry. Throughout the day she sent me pictures of Molly sleeping in the recliner with her, her mom, or her husband and the complete 180 Molly had encountered. The Thundershirt, Kong with peanut butter, blanket, and toy worked. By the end of the first week, Molly would walk right into Stephanie’s house make herself at home, and not even look back at me. Stephanie has a true gift and I appreciate EVERYTHING she has done for me!"

~Nicole Marshall Demers

"My Gracee is very nervous and also had a seizure disorder. Stephanie takes her time with her by keeping her all day and going at gracies pace, not her own, this is exceptional to me because I have picked up Gracee from groomers and she has had a seizure that night. I can tell that Stephanie truly loves all of our fur babies like they are her own and that's why I trust all of mine with her."~Shannon Lackie Grimes


Stephanie is a miracle worker!! My 10 pound dog hates being groomed and bites during the grooming. I tried to take him to PetSmart a couple years back, but they wouldn’t groom him since he was being so difficult. After two years of trying to trim him myself with scissors (and doing a terrible job at it), he had all kinds of knots and needed grooming desperately. I didn’t want to put him to sleep again to get groomed, like I had to do after PetSmart refused him. Stephanie was not only willing to take my dog on, but she did an amazing job with his haircut! She was willing to stay with him most of the day first to get him comfortable with her. His cut took a lot of time due to his fear of haircuts, but she was amazing with him! She took the time to explain to me how he did when I arrived to pick him up. I am so happy I found someone who is willing to groom my very difficult pup. I HIGHLY suggest Stephanie to anyone needing to groom their dog. Thank you so much Stephanie!! I can’t thank you enough!!

First off let me start off with Stephanie is the best when it comes to dog grooming .My baby Tyson got his grooming one time when he was younger at a big chain groomer that will never happen again he was frightened and wouldn’t go back the next time so for a while I just did what I could at home . I met Stephanie at my car dealership and as years progressed we got closer friends I took Tyson to her to groom him let me tell you he absolutely loved it he didn’t want to come home lol . She asked me if she could just keep him lol !! They knew he was extremely nervous baby with high anxiety and they loved him and earned his trust which is second to none in my book her son Memphis even got in the cage with him and layer there and blow dryer his hair so he wouldn’t be scared that’s when I knew they are special people that love your baby’s like their own and no one will ever touch Tyson but Stephanie and her family!! Give her a try she’s passionate about dogs and it shows my Tyson loves her to death. Thanks for all you do, Chuck Hill and Tyson Hill

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Contact Information

By Appointment Only!

Please Call or Text: 


For faster response please send a text message as I am often unable to hear the phone due to barking pups and hair dryers. 
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